Our Precious Boys is a painting of two very special dogs that were best friends.

I say were best friends because Atman (on the right) is no longer physically with us, but will always be with us in our hearts.

Sharon and Pat (Atman’s owners) and my sister Marge (Kylo’s owner) are and were the parents of these dogs. Kylo spent most of his daytime hours during the week with Sharon and Pat, and Atman spent a lot of time with Marge as well.  The dogs often had sleepovers at each other’s houses. They loved to be together and cherished their long walks on the beach.

After a special request to paint a picture of the dogs for Pat and Sharon, Marge helped me choose a picture that would work.  Choosing a picture was difficult just because there were so many good pictures of these two dogs together. The picture of the dogs we chose showed them inside on carpet but the painting needed a different background setting.  Because the beach was a place they spent a lot of time, that background was chosen.

12 x 12 oil painting on panel

Our Precious Boys


Kylo (l) and Atman (R)


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